The aim of the International Violin-making Competition meeting is to share the opportunity to confront the violin-making art, with the accent on personal meeting of violin-makers, performers, pedagogues and those who like violin.


Date: November 18th – 20th, 2022



I. – III. round: Kaštieľ Kubínyi Vyšný Kubín

Finals: Žilina – The House of Art Fatra


Organizer of competition:

Art AIR Center Dolnýn Kubín



Competition is open for all violin-makers who:


will send filled in application form to competition till the date September 30th 2022


will pay entrance fee € 100.00 for each instrument during the accreditation in Dolný Kubín,  the number of instruments is limited to 2 pieces


enrolled and meet criteria of the competition



Instruments will not be admitted to the competition if they:

show features of mechanical working

show extravagant decorations, colors or wood which depart from the traditional



Instruments can show imitating antique specimens.



Instruments will be evaluated by international Jury, consisted of renowned violin-makers, violin players and violin pedagogues. Organizers will public members of the Jury till Oktober 20th, 2012 on



Competition is anonymous – instruments can not be sig­ned by any way (without original signed label – can be covered). Participant or authorized person will hand the instrument in casing, with the spare set of strings, on November 18th, 2022 to the Accreditation commission, which will assign him registration number, make photo documentation and will confirm the acceptance of instrument, or send the instrument to:


Art AIR Center s.r.o.

Hviezdoslavovo nám. 1695

026 01 Dolný Kubín



Instruments will be performed by violin master Michal Sedláček, piano accompaniment Matej Arendárik, State Chamber Orchestra Žilina.


Jury will evaluate instruments in 4 rounds:

I. round (not public): The artistic – constructive quality mainly technical level of the handiwork, assembling, varnish quality, choice of wood (max. 25 points)


II. round (public): The acoustic qualities in solo play (max. 25 points)


III. round (public): The acoustic qualities in accompanied play (max. 25 points)


Finals (public): The acoustic qualities in play with orchestra (max. 25 points)




Jury, according to number of points, will decide the order of competitors and will award:


The Gold Medal „Violino Arvenzis“, Certificate of winner 

The Silver Medal „Violino Arvenzis“

The Bronze Medal „Violino Arvenzis“


The Prize for the best handiwork

The Prize for the best tone

The Prize for the best woman violin-maker

The Prize for the best violin-maker aged under 30 years.

The Prize for the best slovak violin-maker


Participants of finals will obtain Diploma.


Decides of Jury are final, the jury has right to not award some prizes, or award some other special prizes.